Know about Disability Law 

Laws are rules that are set in a country by the government to regulate its citizens behavior. In Kenya, for example, laws are passed by the parliament. The Kenyan constitution ensures all citizens regardless of the status and socio economic are protected especially the most vulnerable such as the children and people with disabilities Share the disability lawyers

This article is going to focus on disability laws and what the government is doing to ensure that People with Disabilities are given equal rights as normal people. 

                                             Disability Law 

People living with disabilities just like normal people have the rights to good working environment, education, good health and better life. The constitution of Kenya have laws that ensure that disabled are taken care of in the following areas:  


At workplaces, employers are required to have 5% of the jobs reserved for the disabled. This is seen in the Persons with Disability Act 2003. 

 National Social Security Fund was amended in 2001 and has a clause that states that physical and mental disability are not to be considered as factors leading to work incapacitation. 

Through the Draft Equity Bill 2000, employers are required to treat all employees equally and are prohibited from unequal payment of employees who are doing the same job because of disability. 

Disabled people are given a minimum of 33% parliament representation through the Draft Affirmative Bill 2000. This gives them an opportunity to be heard and push for the rights of the entire People Living with Disabilities. 


The National Development Plan was established to ensure vocational rehabilitation centers for both physical and mental are strengthen. The Rehabilitation Centers offers skills through training that prepares the disabled for employment opportunities.  

Through the Ministry of Education, disabled children can learn in the mainstream schools with the normal children.  This gives them equal rights with other learners. 

Government institutions such as The Kenya Institute of Special Education aims at meeting the educational needs of the disabled.  

The government through Free Primary Education funds special education for children with disabilities. More funds are located to these schools cater for the needs of these special children. 


The government through National Hospital Insurance Fund provides universal health care to all its citizens including the disabled people at affordable fee. 

 In conclusion, the disabled deserve equal treatment at work and have the right to education and better health just like normal people. The government in partnership with other bodies such as WHO and United Nations have put more effort and resources to ensure that their rights and needs are properly met. Since most of them still do not enjoy these benefits, the government should come up with a strategy to ensure that every person with disability gets equal rights like other citizens.