Many families love shortbread cookies, which mean a lot and are baked chiefly on holidays and used as table desserts for many decades. You have to use a perfect shortbread recipe for incredible results. The sweeter, tender, and Mary Macleod Gourmet Cookies baking recipe comes with five ingredients, and it slaps hard when baked accordingly. Just a bite, and almost without a doubt, you will want more and munch it the whole day!

Good Storage

Keep the cookie dough low at about 250 degrees to 350 degrees. You can store it in the freezer for a month and almost a week while in the fridge. Dry the dough, and don’t overbake to bring out squashy, melts-in-your-mouth shortbreads as always! It is highly recommended to wrap the whipped dough in an airtight container to avoid cracking. Let it loosen up to be soft enough and easy to cut. 

Always use Salted Butter.

Salted butter brings mouth-watering shortbread cookies and comes together with good savoury quality and seasoning. It is preferred to unsalted butter if you primarily don’t want to interfere with the salt in the recipe. Always ensure that your butter is at room temperature. If not, cut it into pieces and place it in the microwave. Use the microwave at 50% power and overturn the butter; thus, after every 5 seconds, burst.

Observe the Cooking Dough keenly.

Use a whisk attachment to whip the shortbread perfectly. Whip the cooking dough for at least 6 minutes using the stand mixer. Stop regularly to scrape the dough left on the sides of the bowl. It ensures all the dough in the bowl has been broken down efficiently. Once the dough changes to a deep whipped cream, stop the mixer. Overwhipping will not bring out airy cookies as expected. As a result, you want to melt in your mouth shortbread cookies.

Use a Piping Bag/ Cookie Scoop

Use a cookie scoop from a piping bag for an excellent presentation of the final shortbread cookies, especially when gifting. They create well circular domed and thick light shortbread cookies. Using a cookie press for decorations is an exciting part of baking shortbread cookies, but it is not always promising that the airy pierces will band together. Whipped shortbread is very fragile, and it is difficult to stay together as you may need. 


 You might consider the tips that will make it easy to bring out the sweetest shortbread cookies at the dessert tables and during holidays for your loved ones.


Old Indoor Playground

Background of the Old Indoor Playground

Playgrounds are essential in a child’s development. Many children realize their talents and skills in the playgrounds or when interacting with their fellow children. A child may know they have the talent to play football or any other game.

According to the history books of playground history, it was in 1859 when the first playground was built. The playground has undergone some improvement and refinement ever since. Playgrounds were brought into the picture to teach kids how to play safely and create a good rapport. The first person to sketch a playground was Henry Barnard in 1848. He structured a large area where the teachers looked after the children playing with carts and some wooden blocks.

The primary function of the new indoor playgrounds vs. the old was introduced due to the accident caused by children playing on the streets, and they were hit by the cars passing by.

Characteristics of the New Indoor Playground vs. Old

1. It had swings

2. It had slides

3. It had a carousel

4. It was popular

5. It protected the children from playing in a disoriented manner whenever they were not supervised.

6. It has no ceiling over it as compared to the new indoor playground.

Features of the new indoor playground

1. There is the presence of attractive play equipment

2. There are play areas that allow various physical activities

3. There is a ceiling above the play area

4. There is an open atmospheric condition.

Playing on the streets was a crime and was considered truant behaviour. Tires also acted as playing structures that enabled the children to play uniquely.

New indoor playgrounds

They help children explore and play games regardless of the environment or weather. The new indoor playgrounds have reduced interaction with other children from outside. The children can play even during an outbreak of a pandemic. This factor is because the playgrounds within have been enclosed. We can see that even the big football matches can continue with the match even when it is raining compared to the old playground.

Advantages of the New Indoor Playground vs. the Old

  • Both playgrounds have similar advantages.
  • They enable the children to remain engaged and also avoid idleness, and also the child gets to have the development of new skills.
  • They also assist in the improvement of hand-eye coordination.
  • Help the children develop psychomotor skills.
  • The football theatre prevents the players, the audience, or the spectators from even the sun’s rays.


You can see from the discussion above that the playground has made progress since the old one.

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How does a life insurance premium policy work

Any individual of firms that call for insurance must sign on the agreed credit document. This will be used as a piece of evidence in case of any dispute that may a raise. The credit arrangement may be extended from the first year up to the existence of the policy.  

Primarily, for one to be eligible for this transaction must have ages ranging from 29 to 75 years. Consequently, must also posse a net worth around five million US dollars and above. But a great number prefer premium insurance only when the rate interest is low. 

              Kinds of insurance premium for life financing 

  • Resource Premium Financing; 

 The customer goes in for a fully covered bond arrangement to hold the life insurance strategy to maturity. 

  • Non-Resource installment Financing; 

The guaranteed money invested may be bearded by the secured investment group as long as the lender funds are engaged annually with the force party confirmation of the money. This type of insurance is not suitable for individuals who have typically, liquid money. Mostly, cash investments are preferable collateral. 


  • It does away with requirements for a large-up front causeway to an insurance company. 
  • Premium Financing is very clear to all people and companies insured. 
  • Enables  clients to achieve the required coverage in absence of liquidating assets 
  • Premium financing prevents the opportunity cost in the settlement of debts. This is possible due to the use of other people’s money, clients can reinstall an important find of capital. 

 Interest rate volatility risk 

This states that if the policy owner fails to pay, interest rates to rise, the sum of interest supposed to pay will increase and will only be left with surrender value of the plan is lower than the balance Possessed. In case the lender is responsible, he is expected to take the risk into considerations as long as his finances are underwritten. 

                    Refreshment of risks. 

The money lender is lawfully allowed to call the credit at the end of the period. Practically the entire prime financing credit has terms of timeless than the life of the plan.  

                    Loan rate risk  

Carriers decide the loaning rate of in- empowers block enterprises at will. Current loaning rates are not collated   

                Loan distribution of risk 

Carriers of life insurance and financial premium lenders always use the same criteria of financial regulations. These carriers finance insurance agreements with corporate debt. Financers offer liquidity at individual debt rates. Corporate debt produces are lower than individual debt rates. 

Life insurance has played a significant role in the lives of mankind. One can use it as security when obtaining loans and the compensators receive funds instantly when the contract has matured Imperial P Financing S

             Know about Disability Law 

Laws are rules that are set in a country by the government to regulate its citizens behavior. In Kenya, for example, laws are passed by the parliament. The Kenyan constitution ensures all citizens regardless of the status and socio economic are protected especially the most vulnerable such as the children and people with disabilities Share the disability lawyers

This article is going to focus on disability laws and what the government is doing to ensure that People with Disabilities are given equal rights as normal people. 

                                             Disability Law 

People living with disabilities just like normal people have the rights to good working environment, education, good health and better life. The constitution of Kenya have laws that ensure that disabled are taken care of in the following areas:  


At workplaces, employers are required to have 5% of the jobs reserved for the disabled. This is seen in the Persons with Disability Act 2003. 

 National Social Security Fund was amended in 2001 and has a clause that states that physical and mental disability are not to be considered as factors leading to work incapacitation. 

Through the Draft Equity Bill 2000, employers are required to treat all employees equally and are prohibited from unequal payment of employees who are doing the same job because of disability. 

Disabled people are given a minimum of 33% parliament representation through the Draft Affirmative Bill 2000. This gives them an opportunity to be heard and push for the rights of the entire People Living with Disabilities. 


The National Development Plan was established to ensure vocational rehabilitation centers for both physical and mental are strengthen. The Rehabilitation Centers offers skills through training that prepares the disabled for employment opportunities.  

Through the Ministry of Education, disabled children can learn in the mainstream schools with the normal children.  This gives them equal rights with other learners. 

Government institutions such as The Kenya Institute of Special Education aims at meeting the educational needs of the disabled.  

The government through Free Primary Education funds special education for children with disabilities. More funds are located to these schools cater for the needs of these special children. 


The government through National Hospital Insurance Fund provides universal health care to all its citizens including the disabled people at affordable fee. 

 In conclusion, the disabled deserve equal treatment at work and have the right to education and better health just like normal people. The government in partnership with other bodies such as WHO and United Nations have put more effort and resources to ensure that their rights and needs are properly met. Since most of them still do not enjoy these benefits, the government should come up with a strategy to ensure that every person with disability gets equal rights like other citizens. 

best sofas for unique homes

One might think that they can live without a sofa perhaps because they may suggest its not a relevant requirement. That`s very wrong because even if a house is worth million dollars without a sofa it can look ugly, unattractive. Sofas are the most furniture that defines a home. They give it a shape. Imagine you are told to arrange a living room which is sofaless. It`s hilarious right? Here are the ways to make your home attractive with the best and beautiful sofas. Which one should you prefer? 

  1. Camel back sofa – it is an old design but very unique. It looks very classy. Its affordable and very durable. 
  1. Classic round arm – this is mostly white linen. It is very soft and comfortable especially for the aged. 
  1. Novogratz-Brittany sofa – it’s a long sofa like a bed size and coincidentally, can be turned into a lovely bed.  
  1. Vintage sofas – they are stylish, comfortable and classy. They differ from color to color. They can fit either room be it kitchen, bedroom or even the living room. They are old fashion but very unique. 
  1. Fabric sofas – they are modern and classy. Their designs are very attractive 
  1. Corner sofas – mostly they are L-shaped they are good in occupying every space in a corner of a room. They are modern and classy. 
  1. Armless sofa – they are designed differently. They are usually comfortable when one needs to lie down. They occupy a little bit space compared to fabric sofas. 
  1. Tuxedo sofas – their back and the arms are of same height. That’s what make them a bit unique. They are luxurious. 
  1. Lazy- boys sofas – they are comfortable and soft especially if you want to spend more time sitting down. You can watch your lovely series without a backache.   
  1. The brooks reclining sofas – apart from been stylish, they are cleanable and double side latches. 
  1. Laurel sofa – it is a high quality, sofa and beautiful, especially with cushions each corner. Have different unique colors. 
  1. Floyd sofas – mostly, they are loved by pets because they are not just comfortable but warm as well. they have unique designs and colors too. 

Every single person, want and wish to have a unique home. But how? A sofa. Once a sofa is well designed and unique, even a home looks the same. Very attractive, beautiful. A simple room looks luxurious because of a quality sofa set. A well -arranged bedroom and a sofa, isn`t worth of been classy and lovely?  In today`s real world, everyone is going for the quality and unique, be it a kitchen sofa or a collider. Its your choice. Your taste, your uniqueness, your sofa of choice Shephanie Cohen

How branding strategy impacts buying behavior

In today’s world of business, there is no single business that operates in a monopolistic environment. There is firm rivalry among affiliations, each trying to overwhelm the market, while others negligence to drive forward. The weakness to get by in the market gathers the inability to set up a way of thinking that will counter the contenders. It is, consequently imperative for patrons to consider a dumbfounding brand approach that turns around to segregate itself against its foes in the business communication by Cleansheet Agency in Toronto.  

Brands Create Buyer Aspirations 

Human beings have needs and wish that has to be satisfied through the consumption of products and services. Consumers aspire to consume both goods that are necessary to satisfy the physiological needs while others buy goods like cars to symbolize status in society. A robust brand plays an awfully important role to the present end. It is those needs and desires of both materials and non-material things that influence the acquisition behavior of products and services.  

Brand Alter Buyer Intentions 

Items with the solid brand have an extraordinary effect and can change the purchaser’s goals to purchase the items and administrations than the unbranded ones. This is when; the purchasers have the history of consuming them, their authors, and everybody related to them. To accomplish this goal, advertisers’ complete forceful mission system blended in with promulgation about the highlights of the item and the measure of fulfillment the purchasers will appreciate. It is done more than once in both the print and electronic media to guarantee trust among the consumers. 

Brands fit in the Buyer’s Self-concept 

A brand has a gigantic impact by changing itself to the purchasers’ self-concept. Because every individual form’s image in their mind about the product that resembles them, and therefore, consumers would prefer to buy goods that conform to their self-concept. Take an example of an adolescent who has a specific notion about the style through personal inclination or external influence. Straightforwardly, the adolescent would want to purchase a brand that he or she thinks has a near character as him or her. 

Brands Earn Loyalty  

Over a long time, individuals build up a solid relationship with certain brands. For example, if someone is eating a specific brand since adolescence, he or she will have a passionate association with that brand. This feeling of sentimentality will keep them with the brand regardless of whether better alternatives are accessible. It is an intricate mix of trust and enthusiastic perspectives. This is actually what we know as brand devotion, and you have to have a solid brand in any case to row such dependability. Any new business ought to try to move in the direction of building such a brand. 


For marketers to succeed in their marketing activities, they ought to develop and nurture strategic thinking to enable them to build a strong branding strategy for the organization they are serving to thrive due to cut-throat competition in the market.  

Cash Advance Options For Welfare Recipients in Canada

As a Recipient of Welfare, You desire to know where to get a cash advance in Canada. Before you start, determine your income source and credit rating. That way, you will be able to attract the type of lender that is accretive of your level of income whether on a monthly, bi-weekly or even a weekly basis.  

Be careful when reading conditions and terms of the lender in question before you agree to sign the cash advance contract. If you feel the fees or interest rates are un-manageable, be free to walk away. Note that, if the terms are not conducive to you, you are not obligated to sign the contract. There are some cash advance options as a welfare recipient you are privy to. 

There are payday loans This is short term in nature. They range $1,500 and is reimbursed on the receipt of your next paycheque. All ten provinces in Canada regulate payday loans and there is a variance of rules and regulations of each. If your source of income is a welfare cheque, some lenders might not be receptive to it. 

A payday loan is normally paid between 7 to 62 days depending on the schedule of payments. One can borrow from as high as $1,500 to as low as $50. However, keep in mind that they attract high charges that put you in more debt. 

An auto title loan is where your vehicle is set up as collateral for the If you do not pay back, your vehicle or whatever movable asset can be repossessed by the lender. To qualify for this type of loan, you must prove to be the outright owner of the vehicle in your possession. The verification of income is usually minimal with this type of cash advance as you can access with non-existent or bad credit. The risk with this type of cash advance is that they have punitive rates of interest and the danger of losing your vehicle. 

You can also get a cash advance through a brokerage. As you register, the service provider or broker will connect you with a lender that suits your profile depending on your income and credit profile. If you find a lender, scrutinize him or her and see if he or she is receptive of accepting your income source being of welfare. But a word of caution, in this scenario you can end up with a lender who can offer you installment or payday loans. 

You can also apply for a cash advance via credit union or bank of your choice. They could be willing to forward you a personal cash advance but are more strict to qualify your eligibility for one. It is usually the case that welfare is not a steady income form. But if for example, you are their steady customer who has been there for long, and has a good credit record, they may approve your cash advance.  

Also take note of online lenders, who offer fees and interest rates at lower, competitive rates. To conclude, it is advisable to consider the above choices on where to get a cash advance in Canada. 

Lawsuits Rise From Injuries On Playground

Safety tips for your children to consider in the indoor playground

One of the main worries among many parents is the sudden change of weather when their children are playing outdoors, this is because it can lead to diseases and injuries. However, indoor playgrounds for children have come up to address the situation, soft play gear as now children can play indoor and thus reduce the worry of their parents. This has led to the surge in popularity of indoor playgrounds for kids all over the world due to these benefits. However, for the ultimate experience for your kid, it is essential to choose the best indoor playground. Below are some safety tips to consider when taking your kid in an indoor playground.

Always supervise your kids

Whenever your kids are in an indoor playground, there are very many dangers that they may come across. For instance bulling form other children, injury from faulty playing equipment among others. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for your kid. You do this by checking and choosing for them the best equipment to use, checking which playground to play in, and teaching them of how to effectively use the different equipment. By doing this, you will be protecting your kids.

Choose the right play area for your child

In an indoor playground DBA license there care very many play areas where your child can play. However, not all play areas are suitable for them and that is why you need to choose the best playground. When doing so therefore, choose the playground, which is best suited for your child’s age, you don’t want him or her to play alongside older kids as they will feel out of place. In addition, in case your child is crawling, you need to choose a play area, which is smooth and easy to walk on. All these are aimed at protecting your child while giving him or her the best experience ever.

Ensure safe equipment and surface beneath

Before your kid starts using the equipment in the indoor playground, you need to inspect them to check of any faulty. Faulty equipment can be detrimental to your child as they can cause great injuries and at sometimes death. Therefore, when inspecting them ensure that the indoor playground that you choose for your child has impact absorbing surfaces beneath in case your child slides and falls. The safety of your child ought to be your ultimate concern.

Ensure qualified personnel inspect the playgrounds

Whenever you are choosing a playground for your child to play in an indoor playground, you need to ensure that qualified personnel regularly inspect the playground for safety. This is to ensure that your child’s safety is taken care of.

Changes To Press Laws Create Legal Liability for Injury Client

Quick car accident Law Guides – the first instance would probably be to call the police or if possible report the accident at the nearest police station. This should at most happen within 24 hours if there are any deaths or injuries. And in the case that there were no injuries or death, then you will need to report the accident on the first working day CBA following the occurrence of the accident.

Information is Power – You will then have to write down the police officer’s name that you reported to about the accident and if necessary take note of the reference number of the accident. If more than one vehicle is involved in the accident, then you will have to get the details of all the cars that were involved in the accident and this could include the names of the drivers, addresses, insurance information, car registration numbers, motor vehicles description, and any other relevant information you may find relevant to the case Saint John lawyers directory Make sure that you also co-operate with anyone who responds to the accident scene including emergency personnel and police.  Your phone or tablet could come in handy if there will arise the need to take photographs or video. And if there is any need to do so, then make sure that you; capture the accident scene from all angles, injuries, damages to properties and the surrounding areas.

What Must NOT  be done after a Car Accident – do not rush to move the vehicle involved in the accident unless it is required by law or it is an unavoidable safety precaution. You should also not leave the scene of accident unless the police have advised you to do so. Avoid subjecting yourself to more injury by standing in an area that has lots of traffic. Don’t discard any evidence pertaining to the accident including important documents, defective products, torn-or blood stained clothes. Avoid engaging in discussions about fault as that could prove evidence that may be used against you. In simple do not accept liability and don’t agree to terms of settlement in the absence of an attorney.

Knowing if the other driver was negligent – there are several factors that need to be considered if a person wants to prove negligence by the driver who may have caused the accident. In this case, there should be enough proof that the driver should have foreseen the damages caused and should have therefor acted in a reasonable manner that would have prevented the accident. Some such examples of negligence driving include; law blog driving at excessive speeds or disregarding speed limits, failing to be properly on the lookout, failing to properly control the motor vehicle, and drunk driving.