Old Indoor Playground

Background of the Old Indoor Playground

Playgrounds are essential in a child’s development. Many children realize their talents and skills in the playgrounds or when interacting with their fellow children. A child may know they have the talent to play football or any other game.

According to the history books of playground history, it was in 1859 when the first playground was built. The playground has undergone some improvement and refinement ever since. Playgrounds were brought into the picture to teach kids how to play safely and create a good rapport. The first person to sketch a playground was Henry Barnard in 1848. He structured a large area where the teachers looked after the children playing with carts and some wooden blocks.

The primary function of the new indoor playgrounds vs. the old was introduced due to the accident caused by children playing on the streets, and they were hit by the cars passing by.

Characteristics of the New Indoor Playground vs. Old

1. It had swings

2. It had slides

3. It had a carousel

4. It was popular

5. It protected the children from playing in a disoriented manner whenever they were not supervised.

6. It has no ceiling over it as compared to the new indoor playground.

Features of the new indoor playground

1. There is the presence of attractive play equipment

2. There are play areas that allow various physical activities

3. There is a ceiling above the play area

4. There is an open atmospheric condition.

Playing on the streets was a crime and was considered truant behaviour. Tires also acted as playing structures that enabled the children to play uniquely.

New indoor playgrounds

They help children explore and play games regardless of the environment or weather. The new indoor playgrounds have reduced interaction with other children from outside. The children can play even during an outbreak of a pandemic. This factor is because the playgrounds within have been enclosed. We can see that even the big football matches can continue with the match even when it is raining compared to the old playground.

Advantages of the New Indoor Playground vs. the Old

  • Both playgrounds have similar advantages.
  • They enable the children to remain engaged and also avoid idleness, and also the child gets to have the development of new skills.
  • They also assist in the improvement of hand-eye coordination.
  • Help the children develop psychomotor skills.
  • The football theatre prevents the players, the audience, or the spectators from even the sun’s rays.


You can see from the discussion above that the playground has made progress since the old one.

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