Many families love shortbread cookies, which mean a lot and are baked chiefly on holidays and used as table desserts for many decades. You have to use a perfect shortbread recipe for incredible results. The sweeter, tender, and Mary Macleod Gourmet Cookies baking recipe comes with five ingredients, and it slaps hard when baked accordingly. Just a bite, and almost without a doubt, you will want more and munch it the whole day!

Good Storage

Keep the cookie dough low at about 250 degrees to 350 degrees. You can store it in the freezer for a month and almost a week while in the fridge. Dry the dough, and don’t overbake to bring out squashy, melts-in-your-mouth shortbreads as always! It is highly recommended to wrap the whipped dough in an airtight container to avoid cracking. Let it loosen up to be soft enough and easy to cut. 

Always use Salted Butter.

Salted butter brings mouth-watering shortbread cookies and comes together with good savoury quality and seasoning. It is preferred to unsalted butter if you primarily don’t want to interfere with the salt in the recipe. Always ensure that your butter is at room temperature. If not, cut it into pieces and place it in the microwave. Use the microwave at 50% power and overturn the butter; thus, after every 5 seconds, burst.

Observe the Cooking Dough keenly.

Use a whisk attachment to whip the shortbread perfectly. Whip the cooking dough for at least 6 minutes using the stand mixer. Stop regularly to scrape the dough left on the sides of the bowl. It ensures all the dough in the bowl has been broken down efficiently. Once the dough changes to a deep whipped cream, stop the mixer. Overwhipping will not bring out airy cookies as expected. As a result, you want to melt in your mouth shortbread cookies.

Use a Piping Bag/ Cookie Scoop

Use a cookie scoop from a piping bag for an excellent presentation of the final shortbread cookies, especially when gifting. They create well circular domed and thick light shortbread cookies. Using a cookie press for decorations is an exciting part of baking shortbread cookies, but it is not always promising that the airy pierces will band together. Whipped shortbread is very fragile, and it is difficult to stay together as you may need. 


 You might consider the tips that will make it easy to bring out the sweetest shortbread cookies at the dessert tables and during holidays for your loved ones.