Changes To Press Laws Create Legal Liability for Injury Client

Quick car accident Law Guides – the first instance would probably be to call the police or if possible report the accident at the nearest police station. This should at most happen within 24 hours if there are any deaths or injuries. And in the case that there were no injuries or death, then you will need to report the accident on the first working day CBA following the occurrence of the accident.

Information is Power – You will then have to write down the police officer’s name that you reported to about the accident and if necessary take note of the reference number of the accident. If more than one vehicle is involved in the accident, then you will have to get the details of all the cars that were involved in the accident and this could include the names of the drivers, addresses, insurance information, car registration numbers, motor vehicles description, and any other relevant information you may find relevant to the case Saint John lawyers directory Make sure that you also co-operate with anyone who responds to the accident scene including emergency personnel and police.  Your phone or tablet could come in handy if there will arise the need to take photographs or video. And if there is any need to do so, then make sure that you; capture the accident scene from all angles, injuries, damages to properties and the surrounding areas.

What Must NOT  be done after a Car Accident – do not rush to move the vehicle involved in the accident unless it is required by law or it is an unavoidable safety precaution. You should also not leave the scene of accident unless the police have advised you to do so. Avoid subjecting yourself to more injury by standing in an area that has lots of traffic. Don’t discard any evidence pertaining to the accident including important documents, defective products, torn-or blood stained clothes. Avoid engaging in discussions about fault as that could prove evidence that may be used against you. In simple do not accept liability and don’t agree to terms of settlement in the absence of an attorney.

Knowing if the other driver was negligent – there are several factors that need to be considered if a person wants to prove negligence by the driver who may have caused the accident. In this case, there should be enough proof that the driver should have foreseen the damages caused and should have therefor acted in a reasonable manner that would have prevented the accident. Some such examples of negligence driving include; law blog driving at excessive speeds or disregarding speed limits, failing to be properly on the lookout, failing to properly control the motor vehicle, and drunk driving.